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David Abramowski's Blog You need to think of cloud computing in three different layers - infrastructure, infrastructure management & platform as a service. At the infrastructure level you have the basis for cloud computing. This is where you'll find virtual servers or services like Amazon.com EC2. A level above the infrastructure layer you find companies that provide tools to help developers deal with managing their own systems running on top of the infrastructure layer. The third layer is Platform as a Service and is where Morph plays. Groovy on Grails is catching on in the Java community and it is building steam. We have seen several positive posts about deploying Grails applications to Morph AppSpace and there is even a new plugin someone in the community created to make things even easier. (thank you for that!) Here at Morph Labs, we want to be the place to go w... (more)

Web Applications for the Apple iPhone 3G

David Abramowski's Blog It seems that Apple has another winner on their hands with the new Apple iPhone 3G. There are now millions of people connected to the Internet every minute of every day using this device. The fast adoption has created a tremendous opportunity for software vendors and companies to take advantage of an extremely large ecosystem of end users. The ecosystem is alive and well with the streamlined experience of the Apple App Store. This integrated web application is a directory of items available for the iPhone. Just this week Steve Jobs expressed his excitement w... (more)

Extranets Allow Start-Ups to Bill More Hours

Hey did you know that the term “Start up” isn’t exclusive to technology companies?  I was shocked earlier this week when a few accountants wanted to have coffee and discuss their start up.  Immediately my brain started to think about the types of software they must be creating.  As I entered the local coffee shop and met the duo I quickly realized they were starting up an accounting practice. It was amazing.  Two guys with a skill set outside of technology that were creating a new practice from the ground up.  They called it a start up.  After I got over my initial shock and awe... (more)

The 2011 RSA Conference Aims for Cloud Computing

The RSA Conference "Where the world talks security" scheduled for February 14-18, 2011 in San Francisco, CA has an enhanced focus on Cloud Computing this year.  Speakers & vendors alike will be discussing new products that help companies secure private, public and connected Clouds.  A dedicated Cloud Security track session across the five day event is expected to discuss security architecture in the Cloud, shed light on the risks and compliance issues and overview the associated security concerns of virtualization to support the Cloud. Well over 300 vendors will be showcasing t... (more)

Souper Frustrations – SaaS and the Grocery Store Dilemma

Remember the last time you went to a grocery store that you were unfamiliar with?  Remember how frustrating it can be and how much time it can take to find the simplest of items?   You roam around the aisles wandering with your eyes rapidly moving between the category signs and the items on the shelves.  You don’t quite understand why that can of chicken stock you are looking for isn’t in the soup aisle.  Finally you find that chicken stock in a special section next to the spices four aisles away.  Frustrating right? That grocery store chain has spent thousands upon thousands of d... (more)