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Pitch your startup in 2 minutes

You have two minutes to describe your business and your start-up dream.  You are handed a microphone. What are you going to do?  Pontificate about how much you need the money or how fast you can spend it…or tell a story that inspires people to get behind your next $100million dollar idea?

Give me the microphone mister money-man!  I’ll come straight at you with my company’s offering, my passion and how we are going to change the face of small business software. I’ll talk about tapping the under-served small business marketplace, which by the way is about 27 Million companies according to the Office of Advocacy of the SBA. I’ll give you our reasoning for building a beach head in specific vertical markets.  About how we’ll take advantage of today’s technology to build brand awareness and acquire customers.  About how we’ll leverage existing sales channels to leapfrog sales month after month.  I’ll explain how my business is strategically different from any competitor out there.  I’ll explain how an investment can accelerate our ability to drive revenues and blow through sales targets.  I’ll talk about how we will be the next $100million dollar software as a service play.   You’ll leave excited and enthused to invest in my company.

But this is not what we hear when entrepreneurs talk.  So I’m here to SHOUT at you and tell you to get your act together.  Do a little research, figure out EXACTLY who would buy your product and have a 2 minute pitch ready to go….here are my five tips for getting your act together:

1.  Have a single sentence or two that describes what you do in real terms of solving business problems.

2. Know who your target market it.  Make decisions, pick a space and have the intestinal fortitude to live by your decision. Do some research and know a few numbers from a real legitimate source that help build the scope of your opportunity.

3. Know your top competitors and why people would choose you over them.  Being a few dollars cheaper isn’t a reason.  Be strategic, be bold.

4.  Explain why you or your team have the shiznitz to pull this off. What special skills do you bring to the table and what synergies do you team-mates have?

5.  Don’t whine. Don’t complain about lack of funding.  Don’t be a turd.  Turn on your entrepreneur charm and charisma and let your passion shine through.  Build your case, show your love for what you do and you may just inspire someone else - and who knows…..that may be an investor.

It’s not rocket science.  It’s simple stuff.  Write it down.  If you can’t afford a notebook, a napkin will do!  Then memorize it so that whenever you have that split second chance to impress a group or an investor, you are ready to go.

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David Abramowski is a technologist turned product leader. David was a co-founder of Morph Labs, one of the first Platform as a Service plays on AWS. He was the GM for Parallels Virtuozzo containers, enterprise business, and most recently he is the leader of the product marketing team for the IT Operations Management solutions at the hyper growth SaaS company, ServiceNow.